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In 2007, ABYstyle was created from the desire to bring the world a new lease of life: to revive the merchandising trends that feature the greatest manga, movies, TV series and video games licenses.

Brand-driven designer textiles, decorative and everyday objects have now become essential to fans in search of official and original goodies.

In 2012, ABYstyle is going even further by opening the doors of its' workshop with ABYstyle Studio!

Our creative minds often have "great ideas" or would like to develop an ultra-sharp concept around a character who appears in scene for only half a second, however, most of the time, these beautiful fan projects end their lives on the cutting room floor with "not enough audience!" stamped on it. The same thing often happens to a poster that goes into production: many variations are developed, most of which end up in archives.

Thanks to cutting edge digital printing technologies, Abystyle Studio HQ is allowing hardcore fans and collectors more and more access to our secret archives: charter graphics elements, neglected but key secondary characters, mythic scenes, projects, unseen versions, and much, much more!
Simply put, ABYStudio is bringing you a wide range of exclusive visuals, all approved by license holders and their dependents.

Beyond artistic creation, our prints have an exceptional production quality both in the quality of their printing and the materials used:


Our team is always looking for the highest quality paper suppliers on the market. Our posters are printed on high quality paper: high gloss paper, parchment paper or tissue paper canvas prints for extremely limited edition prints. In this way, we offer a durable support and revealing, vivid colors on each and every print.

For maximum choice, we also offer various sizes of posters: small format 40 x 50cm and large format 70 x 100cm meet common framing requirements. Special formats are also available for more appropriate graphic compositions, respecting the dimensions of original documents: 78 x 68cm, 54 x 95cm and 25 x 20cm.


Our printing process is all completed at our in-house workshop. The equipment is calibrated for accurate color rendition and dynamics thanks to high-density pigment inks for durable reproduction of a wide range of colors for a total respect of the initial creation.

The finish of each drawing is thus sufficiently dense and contrasted for the specific type of paper used for that creation. Our posters have increased resistance to light, ensuring consistency and durability of colors over time.

Each print is numbered and dated by hand in our workshop.


Packaging and wrapping are also made in-house. Prints are carefully packed for optimum protection during shipment.


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